Real Weddings

Your wedding day images will be some of the most important images of your life.  We take that pretty seriously.  The day will come and go sooner than you think and the only thing left will be the pictures.  We’ve shot hundreds of weddings all over DFW, even probably where you are getting married.  One of the biggest comments we get after the wedding (besides about the pictures) is how helpful it was to have someone next to you the entire day that knows the wedding process inside and out.  You get more than just a photographer when you hire Frisco Photography.  You get veteran wedding experience that goes beyond the images.

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The Nixons

It’s always a pleasure when you have the opportunity to work with friends and family at a wedding.  This was such an occasion.  I’ve known the bride for many years and was super excited when she asked me to shoot her wedding to Jordan. Their wedding and reception were at The Grove in Aubrey, TX.  This is an amazing location and something that’s very hard to find in the suburbs of Dallas. This wedding kind of shot itself.  By that I mean that the location, the lighting, the decor, the planning, and the other vendors came together for an amazing night that really shows in the images.  Thanks for including us in your special day. Best of luck Caty and Jordan! 

The McBrides

Kristen and Matt were married at Bela Donna Chapel in McKinney, TX.  Bela Donna is one of my favorite wedding venues in Dallas for a lot of reasons.  The architecture and character inside and out just lends itself to amazing wedding pictures.  If you’re a wedding photographer, you know that light is the most important element you deal with and this chapel has tons of it! Of course, the best weddings to shoot are the ones that are well planned and well executed which I totally expected from Kristen and Matt.  Everything went off without a hitch and it shows in the images.  The reception at Stonebridge Ranch Country Club was a blast!  Note to future brides: there are certain things that make a a reception great for the guests AND great for pictures; one of them is an open bar! The pictures just keep getting better as the night goes on. 😉  I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the dancing  as this crowd had some serious moves.  If you like to shuffle, or watch people who can, you need to check out their wedding gallery here.

The Bernards

Jessica and Dan chose the very elegant Stonebriar Country Club in Frisco, TX for their wedding and reception. However, that didn’t mean they weren’t ready for some fun and a little Star Wars light saber action!  After hundreds of weddings, it’s nice when couples step out of the ordinary and really infuse their own personalities and style. Thankfully everyone went home in one piece and we got some great images.

The Fondrens

Backyard weddings are great in so many ways.  They are quaint, intimate, convenient for the bride and groom, and can save a ton of money in the wedding budget. Of course, the weather is always a concern with outdoor weddings and the forecast called for rain.  It’s supposed to be good luck if it rains on your wedding day so I guess Sonny and Travis have a lot of good luck coming their way.  They were great to work with though as they had realistic expectations for just about everything a wedding day can throw at you.  They took the rain (and insane humidity) in stride and just focused on having a great time with friends and family. 

The Shelleys

I’ve always wanted to shoot at The Milestone in Krum but haven’t had the opportunity until Brittany and Ian’s wedding.  Not only was it a great venue but Brittany and Ian were two of the most calm, collected, and organized bride and groom I may have ever worked with.  Wedding day can be so stressful but no one told them that.  The weather was perfect which made pictures at sunset that much better. We wish them the best in all that is to come!